Kenny Chesney's most recent single with Grace Potter, "Wild Child," celebrates a woman who is adventurous and drawn to follow her passion, and the video is the perfect representation of that gypsy woman.

The gorgeous clip also shows Chesney's love for the water, as it was shot in Hawaii, in addition to the carefree and loving spirit of the "Wild Child" video girl. Shaun Silva, who has collaborated with Chesney several times before, directed the visual.

The 'Wild Child' video opens with a woman standing on rocks as the waves crash before her. It's obvious she's on some type of journey, with a backpack strapped on her back. "She goes where the wind suggests she goes," Chesney sings as the 'she' drives a Jeep along the water. The Wild Child does what her heart leads her to, be it skateboarding, surfing, hiking ... everything in between. The woman in the video is actually Chesney's friend, songwriter Gretchen Rhodes, who resides in the Aloha State.

“Maybe it’s sitting on a mountain, going back to school, traveling the world ... " the star explains of what a "Wild Child" truly is. "But it is a song about any woman so hungry to engage life, she spends her days trying to taste it all ... You don’t have to be a gypsy to be a free spirit, but just someone so in love with life, you will never get enough. To see a woman like that is a pretty amazing thing."

Chesney wrote the collaboration with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. It's his second song with Potter, the other being the beautiful "You and Tequila." Clearly, the country star is a fan of the rocker.

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