Sometimes, not all of the musical gems make their way onto albums. Such is the case with Kelsea Ballerini's unreleased song “Hate Less, Love More.” The singer shared the tune during a recent appearance on The Bobby Bones Show; readers can press play above to hear it.

Ballerini's "Hate Less, Love More" is a commentary on the current state of politics -- i.e., divided -- and the turmoil in the world. In the song, she reminds listeners that they shouldn't blame each other for the things happening around them, but instead work on themselves in order make the world a little better.

In "Hate Less, Love More," Ballerini first sings about the polarized political climate: "Standing on the left or the right / Always got to pick a side / But why should we have to fight for what we believe / Without being too political or critical?" From there, she continues by asking for "A little more sunshine, a little less rain / A little more good times, a little less pain." 

"Hate Less, Love More" wraps up by reminding people about something they may have forgotten: "But when it comes down to it, we're all human / The one thing we can stand for is / Hate less, love more."

Ballerini's latest album, Unapologetically, is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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