Ranch isn't just for salads anymore, just ask any ranch lover. You can put it on pizza, pizza rolls, tacos, chicken, fries, any sandwich, hot dogs, turkey, pretzels, stuffing, you can use it as a dip, and who knows what else. And, life is about to get out of control for us ranch lovers.

Mini-keg of Ranch

You can now buy a keg of Hidden Valley ranch. Yes, you read that correctly - a keg of ranch. 5 liters of white saucy heaven can be yours and it won't go bad overnight. According to the flavourgallery.com,

Special inside coating meets FDA specifications and keeps the ranch tasting fresh.

The mini-keg is $50 and also comes with a year's worth of ranch. This is a ranch lover's equivalent to winning the lottery. One question though, can you do kegs stands with it? #askingforafriend

The keg of glory will begin being shipped December 11th, just in time for Christmas. (hint hint)

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