Anyone who's heard Kane Brown's latest bop, "Short Skirt Weather," knows that the fun, throwback-country song is all about good vibes. However, the newly released lyric video just magnifies the tune's feelgood, party-friendly feel.

It's clear Brown isn't out to make any serious statements with this song, and that's perfectly all right with us—we're just loving the retro influences and the last gasp of summer it calls up. The lyric video is an especial treat, however, as it's all staged with a cast of Barbie and Ken dolls, dancing and having fun to the beat.

Yes, there's even a "Kane Brown" doll, too, of course...and he's busy "singing" into the mic while dressed in a hoodie and snapback hat.

The whole thing is just too cute for words, and only the grinchiest fan out there could resist the video's adorable concept.

Brown himself does not actually have time to be fooling around with Barbie's summery parties (even as just a virtual doll). The song is the latest from his upcoming sophomore album Experimentwhich is rapidly approaching its release date of Nov. 9. The singer is also booked up solid currently on Chris Young's 2018 Losing Sleep World Tour through December.

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