We've all heard the incredible love story of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. We've seen it come to life in the 2005 movie Walk The Line, but this sweet letter penned by Johnny for June on her 65th birthday will leave you with goosebumps.

In an attempt to encourage people to be more romantic this Valentine's Day, London life insurance company Beagle Street conducted a poll of 1,000 adults to uncover the best love letters ever written. Voters awarded this letter written by Johnny Cash as "the best love letter of all time." I couldn't agree more.

Photo from Elitedaily.com


Perhaps this Valentine's Day we should all take some inspiration from Johnny Cash. Instead of throwing down a bunch of cash on jewelry or flowers, pick up a pen and paper and write something from the heart. To me, sweet words like this mean more than anything money can buy, and will be treasured for a lifetime. I'm sure most ladies will agree.