On national TV Wednesday night, comedian and talk show host Jon Stewart bashed the voters of Chicago Wednesday for re-electing Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The comedian  was  very shocked by the voters  decision to give Emanuel another term in office. In his commentary, Stewart questioned the mayor's track record and campaign strategy. He called the it "The Midwest Wing."

While you see a picture of a Chicago deep dish pizza in the background, Stewart says

Back in the day Chicago was a seedy hotbed of violence, financial ruin, and blatant crimes against humanity and by back in the day I mean 2011.

You might recall that the pizza reference eludes to previous battle between Stewart and Chicago where he berated the Chicago's love for the fattening cheesy food.

The comedian talks about Chicago's history of violence. Stewart says:

The crime rate was so bad even Detroit left.

Stewart goes on to talk about Chicago's $2 billion deficit, shootings, and the mayor's opponent, Chuy Garcia.