I don't know much about baseball, but I do know former Chicago Cubs Manager Joe Maddon is one heck of a class act.

Chicago Tribune on Sunday.

NBC Sports Chicago says the ad was full of "Maddonisms" and catchphrases.

The transcript reads;

Dear Chicago,

We have built relationships, established trust, and exchanged ideas.

We worked the FEARLESS PROCESS, knowing the outcome would be positive, VICTORIOUS.

We embraced the target, challenging all comers, never permitting the pressure to exceed the pleasure. We knew to be comfortable. “Get out of the box” spurs growth and denies complacency.

We knew/know the importance of “telling me what you think, not what you’ve heard.”

No regurgitation here we are all originals.

We know that “every day counts” and the trick is to “see it with first time eyes” “feel it with first time passion.”

We know balance. “Never forget the heartbeat.” Understand Data v Art.

The flamingo knows.

We know convoluted complicates, becoming difficult to think clearly in HOT moments.

Do simple better.

Finally, let’s raise our glasses in a toast with a shot and a beer, like our grandparents and parents celebrated special occasions, or just a hard days work.

Thank you for the past five years, for your passion, for your open hearts and minds, for forging everlasting relationships and for sharing your beautiful city with Jaye and me.

Cheers & Happy Holidays!

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