Coffee! Yum!

I can't imagine starting my day off without it. There's just something about the smell of it that gives my morning a jump start before I even drink it.

According to this survey, there are several jobs that drink the most. Including my job!

Anyone who works in the media industry, whether it's TV, radio, or print always have a pot nearby. The makers are constantly brewing Morning, Noon and night.

Probably because of that is why we are the top dogs, number one, of drinking coffee. No wonder we are so witty and funny. It's all that caffeine buzzing through our veins.

If you've ever worked an early morning shift, you know your life depends on that black nectar from the gods. Haha! came out with a list of the top coffee drinking.

Us, media rats are at the top and the police fall in line right behind us.

To see if you job made the top 10, take a look here.

Did you occupation make the list? What's missing?

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