Imagine for a moment that you're walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago; the streets are hustling and bustling with people from all walks of life, but there's someone walking toward you that stands out from the rest.

From at least two blocks away you see this bountiful beard heading in your direction; and there's only one person in Chicago that you know of that has a beard that bold- it has to be Jake Arrieta.

You pick up the pace a little bit and before you know it, you realize you were right, it was indeed Jake.

Arrieta's beard is one of the most recognizable in the league, however, I can't say the same thing about his actual face.

WGN shared a tweet from Brittany Arrieta showing off his post season look and he doesn't even look like the same guy.

Now that he's a free agent, I wonder if he'll keep the fresh face look to land a new pitching gig or if he'll bring the mighty beard back.

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