You may be feeling the high prices already at your grocery store.  And it doesn't matter what store you go to the prices at all stores are higher with record inflation.

Now the staple of eggs could be seeing a massive price surge as devastation hit one Illinois egg producer.

One Million Illinois Chickens Dead After Fire


A fire on Wednesday (5/29) at the Wabash Valley Production Plant in Farina, Illinois took the lives of over 1 million chickens.  The blaze lasted until Thursday morning as it destroyed much of the facility.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation, but the chicken facility was one of the largest free-range farms in the area.

The fire was so large it showed up on weather radar and 13 local departments were called in to put out the blaze.

Already High Egg Prices Could Surge


According to the Wabash Valley website, the cage-free barns can house 370,000 hens with 72,000 eggs produced daily at its peak.

With over one million birds killed and the facility destroyed, that will put a large strain on egg production.  Currently, the price of a dozen eggs at Walmart is $1.54.  This is lower than in recent years, however, you can expect those prices to rise.

Not only did those one million birds get killed in that fire (which will take time to rebuild the facility and get the birds back to producing) but in Iowa another 4.2 million birds needed to be euthanized due to a case of highly pathogenic avian influenza.  The egg-laying chickens were part of a facility in Sioux County, Iowa.

Another egg-producing farm in Minnesota was also hit by the avian flu affecting 1.4 million birds in the recent week.

So while egg prices might be good for an omelet right now get your fill while you can as the fire and avian flu spreading may cause those prices to soar quickly.

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