There's nothing wrong with going out and having a few drinks but a woman in Wisconsin let her partying go way too far and she ended up in jail.

Wisconsin Residents Love To Party

It's no secret that the people of Wisconsin really like their booze. They take partying to the next level. Unfortunately, many times the residents get themselves in trouble. Luckily for them, you can multiply DUIs there without getting into serious trouble.

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Back in my younger partying days, I used to party way too hard and get in trouble. When I was in college, a couple of friends and I headed to Peoria from Normal to have a good time. I was having a little too much fun.

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We went out drinking and bar hopping. I lost my group. I didn't want to get left behind so I headed out to the car. Of course, no one was there. It was getting pretty late so I laid down next to the vehicle. A little while later I was woken up by my buddies and we went home. Luckily, a cop didn't see me. A Wisconsin woman had a similar problem.

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Wisconsin police were called about a drunk woman driving in her car. The officers were able to track down her vehicle. When they arrived on the scene, the suspect was on the ground sleeping next to her ride. That could've been comfortable.

We Are Green Bay

The woman looked and acted wasted. She failed sobriety tests so she was arrested. By the way, that was her 7th OWI. Apparently, she hasn't learned her lesson. Hopefully, this time she goes to jail for a while.

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