When you start looking deep into crimes, some scary things happen in our world and this latest story out of Wisconsin will give residents nightmares.

Wisconsin Police Investigate Severed Body Parts Discovered In Milwaukee

My wife enjoys what I like to call "Murder Shows." Programs like Dateline, 20/20, and 48 Hours. Sometimes, I'll sit down and watch one with her. I find them rather troubling because it's hard to believe that there are people in the world who are capable of committing such horrific acts to others.

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When I read about these murders, they sound straight out of a horror movie. I just keep thinking to myself, this can't be real but unfortunately, it is. Some horrible things happen in the world. It gets even scarier when it's going on in areas like Illinois and Wisconsin.

This story started just a few days ago in Milwaukee. Just imagine, you're hanging out at a park on a nice day just trying to enjoy some good weather. Then, you see something unusual in the distance. Once you get closer, you figure it out. The object is a severed human leg. That would freak me out. That's happened in Warnimont Park.

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Severed Body Parts Found In Milwaukee

Over the next three days, more body parts were found around the same area in Milwaukee. Now, this is turning into a real-life horror movie very quickly. The local police are currently investigating if all these body parts are from the same person.

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Before the first leg was discovered, a woman was reported missing and her vehicle was found on fire on the side of the road in the Milwaukee area. Police believe that the cases could be related.

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The Milwaukee police have made this a homicide case. There is a person of interest in custody. Hopefully, they can piece it all together and solve to awful crime quickly. Sadly, things like this happen in our world.

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