One of my pet peeves is people littering so I was happy to see this person get arrested in Illinois for throwing garbage on their neighbor's yard.

Pet Peeves For People Living In Illinois

I seriously get angry when I see someone littering especially when it's not necessary. I was driving down Alpine Road a couple of days ago. The driver in front of me threw a whole fast food bag full of garbage out the window and onto the street.

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Another pet peeve that gets me upset is when people throw trash into my yard. I work hard to keep it nice and clean. Then someone in the neighborhood leaves garbage on my property. That's just downright rude if you ask me.

Close Up Of Driver In Car Dropping Trash Out Of Window On Country Road
Illinois Woman Arrested For Littering

Illinois Woman Arrested For Littering

Over the weekend, a woman in Elmhurst was arrested for littering. I know it's something you don't see every day but in this case, I believe the suspect deserves what she gets. She is old enough to know better and the police should make an example out of her.

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The suspect was sitting in her vehicle which was parked in the street in front of a neighbor's house. She must've been eating or something because she had a bunch of garbage. For some reason, she thought it was a good idea to throw it out and window and into a yard.

Volunteer girl in yellow gloves collects garbage selective focus
Illinois Woman Arrested For Littering

Her neighbor witnessed the whole thing and called her out on it. Her response was to throw more trash in the neighbor's yard and begin swearing at him. Then, she sped off. A little while later, the police were able to track her down to arrest the woman.


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Say cheese, Illinois!

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