Teens in Illinois and marijuana edibles don't mix well and here's the perfect example of why.

Three Teenagers In Illinois End Up In Hospital After Ingesting Cannabis Candy

According to abc7chicago.com,

Chicago police said three teenage girls were taken to the hospital Wednesday afternoon for a suspected overdose on cannabis edibles at their school in Rogers Park.

Three thirteen-year-old girls from Gale Community Academy in Illinois are fine after being rushed to St. Francis Hospital in Chicago. Apparently, they ate too many marijuana edibles.

An investigation remains ongoing, police said.

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Illinois Teens Hospitalized After Eating Too Much Cannabis Candy

Illinois Parents Need To Be More Responsible With Their Pot Edibles

If parents in Illinois want to consume cannabis and marijuana products, they are going to have to learn to be responsible. They must keep weed out of the hands of children. There's a big reason that the legal age to purchase pot is twenty-one. They aren't ready for it.

According to jg-tc.com, 

"When it's in a candy form or cookies, people don't think of it in the same way as household chemicals or other things a child could get into," she said. "But people should really be thinking of it as a medication."

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Illinois Teens Hospitalized After Eating Too Much Cannabis Candy

Come on parents, this one is on you. Think about it. You used to hide your weed when it was illegal so it shouldn't be that difficult to figure it out. There's nothing wrong with having fun with pot and edibles but please keep it away from the kids.

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