Whenever you travel over the speed limit in Illinois there's a chance to get a ticket but can you receive one without actually being pulled over?

Can You Get A Speeding Ticket In Illinois Without Getting Pulled Over?

According to drivingyard.com,

It is possible for a police officer to issue a ticket without necessarily pulling the car over, all he needs to do is capture the car’s license plate number and look up the information from where he gets access to the personal information of the driver such as; name, residential address and of course, the mailing address which is needed for the purpose of issuing a ticket.


It is also possible that a car’s license plate number gets captured on a traffic monitoring camera installed at various positions on the highway.

That just doesn't seem fair. What if someone else was driving your vehicle? I think if the police want to issue a ticket, they should have to earn it.

Illinois Speeding Ticket

Can You Get A Speeding Ticket In Illinois Through I-PASS?

According to chicagotribune.com,

It wasn't true the first, second, or third time the rumor made the rounds.

There are no plans to issue speeding tickets using I-Pass

I've personally heard that rumor several times throughout the years. I often wondered if it was true. I have a friend who refuses to get an I-PASS because he's convinced the government is tracking people. That's a subject for another day.

Can An Illinois Cop Pull You Over For Speeding While He's Driving?

I thought this was a fun bonus question.

According to recordinglaw.com,

Yes, police cars are equipped with car-mounted radar units that can detect speed from both the front and behind.


They also have a ‘moving mode’ which means that the radar can detect your speed in relation to the speed of the police vehicle.

I knew this one was possible because it happened to a friend of mine when we were on a road trip. He tried to to argue his way out of it but the cop showed him the radar.

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