If safety is your number one priority when it comes to trick or treating then I highly recommend heading to this Illinois town.

Halloween In Illinois Is Fun But Safety Is Important Too

I remember when I was a kid. We had Halloween costume parties in class so we would start trick-or-treating on the way home from school. My friends and I would stay out until late. Our parents had no idea where we were. Of course, our meal was lots of candy. It seemed like there was no care in the world. It was a much different time.

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Nowadays, you definitely have to be a lot more careful. There are some crazy people in the world, especially around Halloween. Parents take extra precautions during this unique holiday. They're all about safety and finding the most trustworthy area to celebrate.

Illinois Trick Or Treating

The Safest Place To Trick Or Treat In Illinois And The United States

I find it interesting that the safest city in Illinois to trick or treat is also the same place for the entire United States. You might want to plan an outing out there this year. It makes parents feel much better about the whole thing if they know it's a good place to be.

According to chamberofcommerce.org, 

To establish our ranking, we analyzed data from more than 300 U.S. cities and assigned equal weight to five key metrics: pedestrian fatalities, violent crime, property crime, the number of registered sex offenders, and the number of law enforcement employees.


We standardized each metric by calculating it per 10,000 residents, and furthermore, every city included in our analysis had a population of at least 100,000 or more.

Naperville is the safest city for trick or treating in Illinois and the United States. To be honest, I've got a few friends that live there and it's the "it" town in our state. So, I'm not surprised at all. I bet the houses pass out full-size candy bars.

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