Illinois residents will soon be able to experience Southern fried chicken at its finest when not one, not two, but THREE Bojangles restaurants open in the state by 2026.

The Bojangles Difference

I must start by admitting that I have never personally eaten at a Bojangles restaurant before, but I know many people who have,  and ALL of them swear that going to Bojangles is like dying and entering fried chicken heaven.

Some of the things I have heard friends say about Bojangles goodness include;

  • "The biscuits are fluffy, buttery clouds of carb heaven...They're so good that you'll start making excuses to eat them for every meal of the day".
  • "Their fried chicken is the stuff of legends".
  • "Their cajun seasoning is so addictive you'll find yourself secretly hoarding the seasoning packets in your pantry".

I may have paraphrased my friends' words a bit there, but I think you get the point; Bojangles is most famous for its cajun-seasoned fried chicken and mouth-watering buttermilk biscuits.

Oooh, they have Bo-Berry biscuits too...

Right now all 800 Bojangles restaurants are located in the Southeastern part of the United States, BUT that is soon going to change.

Bojangles Is Coming to Illinois

NBC 5 Chicago reports;

The North Carolina-based company announced Monday it entered into a multi-unit franchise development agreement with new franchisee Ron Harper of RMS Family Restaurants, LLC to bring three locations to the Chicago market over the next three years.

Illinois isn't the only state Bojangles has their expansion sites set on, new restaurants will be opening in Texas, Maryland, and Florida soon too.

So now that we know Bojangles is coming to Illinois, the big question is; where will these restaurants be opening?

NBC 5 Chicago's article says;

It remains unclear where the Chicago-area restaurants will be located, but the company did divulge they will be situated in "suburban areas."

I'll guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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