The residents of Illinois get excited about the nicer weather of spring and summer but they must be aware of the dangerous elements found in nature.

Did You Know There Were Dangerous Snakes That Live In Illinois?

To be honest, I never really thought of Illinois as a snake state. I figured the reptiles would enjoy the warmer weather of the south like in Arizona. In fact, the only one I've actually seen in the Land Of Lincoln is a Garter snake. They are small and not very menacing. Apparently, many more types live here, and even some dangerous ones.

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Dangerous Snakes You Can Find In Illinois

  • Copperhead: Live in wooded areas and rocky hillsides. Found in southern Illinois (Route 16 and Illinois River Valley area). 
  • Timber rattlesnakes: Live in timbered areas and rock outcrops. Found in southern Illinois (Mississippi River Valley area). 
  • Eastern Massasauga: Live in prairie wetlands, wet old fields, and river floodplains. Found in Madison, Clinton, Knox, Warren, Clinton, Piatt, Knox, Will, Cook, and Lake counties.
  • Cottonmouths: Live in swamps, sloughs, and wet bottomlands. Found in southern Illinois (Route 13 area).

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What To Do If You Get Bit By A Snake

  • If you're going to an area known for snakes, have a plan if someone gets bit.
  • Bring first aid and snakebit kits.
  • Get medical treatment as fast as possible.
  • Keep the victim calm to slow the spread of venom in the bloodstream.
  • Have the bite area at a lower level than the heart.
  • Wash out the bite and cover it.

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