Ever find yourself screaming in the laundry room because half your socks are getting eaten by the washer?  This Illinois invention is the best laundry trick you need in your life!

For years, I was wearing mismatched socks because every time I did laundry half my socks would vanish.  You know the feeling, right?!  My mom would get soooo frustrated that I couldn't figure out a good system to keep my socks together in the wash haha.


After falling into a rabbit hole on YouTube over the weekend, I watched probably over 50 different episodes of Shark Tank.

One of the episodes happened to be about an Illinois woman and her simple, yet very effective invention.  I thought it was so clever and useful.

Plus, the creator just so happens to be from Rockford - Tracie Burress!

Shark Tank Global - Youtube
Shark Tank Global - Youtube

SockTabs Are One Of America's Most Underrated Inventions

I say underrated because they are so easy to use and don't ruin your socks - nobody likes hole-y socks.  The older I've gotten, the more I value products that make life easier; Air fryers, crock pots, Roombas... and now SockTabs.

What are SockTabs?

"SockTabs is a wearable solution to the missing sock, and ultimately a simple, discreet, and effective product to combat the infamous sock monster." [SockTabs]

No more searching for the other solemate, they'll finally be together forever.  Plus, you can keep them on your socks throughout your day as a fashion piece!

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So if you're tired of losing socks or wasting time trying to match them up, maybe consider giving SockTabs a try.  Support a local invention by a female entrepreneur - Tracie Burress!

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Honestly, your laundry routine and mismatched socks will thank you.  You can find all the SockTabs you're looking for on their website!

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