Too many rapes, murders, armed robberies, aggravated assaults, and other violent crimes are why 2 Illinois cities rank amongst the 20 most dangerous in the country.

The Most Dangerous Cities in America

Neighborhood Scout has just published their list of the 100 Most Dangerous Cities in America. Because this doesn't appear to be an 'opinion piece', you should know the data they used to compile the list.

First, each city on the list has a population of 25,000 or more and the list positions are based on the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents.

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For this list, violent crimes were defined as murder, rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault.

Using the most recent and available FBI crime data and Census Bureau populations compiled with how many violent crimes occur for every 1,000 residents, this list was created.

Illinois' Most Dangerous Cities

Two Illinois cities are among the 20 most dangerous cities in the US and neither one of them is the city of Chicago.

The Top 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America


1. Bessemer, Alabama (chance of being a victim of a violent crime - 1 in 30)

2. Monroe, Louisianna (1 in 38)

3. Saginaw, Michigan (1 in 39)

4. Memphis, Tennessee (1 in 39)

5. Detroit, Michigan (1 in 43)

6. Birmingham, Alabama (1 in 49)

7. Pine Bluff, Arkansas (1 in 48)

8. Little Rock, Arkansas (1 in 49)

9. Alexandria, Louisianna (1 in 53)

10. Cleveland, Ohio (1 in 58)

Chicago Assigns Extra Police Due To Threat Of Gun Violence Memorial Day Weekend
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11. Kalamazoo, Michigan (1 in 59)

12. Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1 in 59)

13. Albany, Georgia (1 in 61)

14. Gadsden, Alabama (1 in 63)

15. Danville, Illinois (1 in 63)

16. Lansing, Michigan (1 in 63)

17. Baltimore, Maryland (1 in 63)

18. Springfield, Missouri (1 in 64)

19. Spartanburg, South Carolina (1 in 65)

20. Rockford, Illinois (1 in 66)

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The Safest Cities in Illinois & Wisconsin

Safewise did a study on the 100 safest cities in America. Eight of them are in Wisconsin and Illinois.

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