Taco-Bout-Joy's in Glenview, Illinois has gone viral on the internet after a video showed their restaurant with zero customers.  Today, that's not the case!

Taco-Bout-Joy's won't have any time to breathe after blowing up on TikTok.

The restaurant owner's daughter uploaded a video on Thursday with the caption, "It breaks my heart to see my mom watching the door for a customer to walk in."

With 8 million views and counting, this 15-second TikTok has changed the lives of this family forever.

People from all over the state of Illinois are traveling hours just to get a taste of Taco-Bout-Joy's.  Just look at this mouthwatering photo...

Even 'Stranger Things' star, Noah Schnapp, commented on the video in support!

Taco-Bout-Joy's on TikTok
Taco-Bout-Joy's on TikTok

After the first day open since the TikTok blew up, the restaurant posted a photo to Facebook thanking everybody who pulled through for the Holidays:

"What a Christmas miracle!
A huge thank you from our workers for all of the love and support shown today! The tiktok community really pulled through for us today with an outstanding amount of sales! It was so nice seeing many new beautiful faces today"


Taco-Bout-Joy's on FB
Taco-Bout-Joy's on FB

Social media is so powerful.  Who knew a simple video would bring in an outstanding amount of sales to a business right here in Illinois?

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The owner, Joy, is the only cook they have at the restaurant.  When orders started flowing through the door, they had to get backup!  What a good problem to have!


Joy had help from the owners of Nina's Tacos in Sycamore, Illinois and tons of friends to manage all the chaos.

If you're interested in supporting this local restaurant like the rest of Illinois, Taco-Bout-Joy's is located at 909 A Greenwood Rd, Glenview.  The wait time might be long, but it's totally worth it.  Happy eating!


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