Aldi is a fabulous store to do grocery shopping at on a budget, but multiple stores throughout the Rockford area seem to be lacking one major thing that frustrates me every single time; where the heck is all the skim milk?!?

Did Rockford, Illinois Aldi Stores Stop Selling Skim Milk?

I will admit that I don't get to Aldi as much as I used to now that we live outside of Rockford, but for the last few months when I've stopped at a store I walk out of there with no milk. Why?

Here's the thing, my family drinks a LOT of milk, we only drink skim milk and half gallons won't do. I know many of you are probably gagging right now because you hate skim milk, but my kids refuse to drink anything else, and I grew up on it too.

Instacart, Canva
Instacart, Canva

We all know that there are still major supply chain issues happening in this country right now, so is this why Rockford Aldi stores only have 1% and whole milk on their shelves? It took me several months of wondering before I noticed something at Aldi yesterday. The refrigerator shelves at Aldi that used to hold skim milk aren't just empty...they appear to no longer exist.

Do Any Aldi Stores Sell Skim Milk?

Since I haven't gotten any answers for Rockford's skim milk problem, I did a little hunting. First off, I searched for skim milk at Rockford Aldi stores on Instacart. It looks like I could order a half gallon of skim milk from a few Rockford area Aldi stores on Instacart, but that is not what I need. Mama needs full gallons. So, I went to Aldi's website and saw this..., Canva, Canva

While that fine print might not say "we don't carry skim milk", it does confirm that not all stores sell it and if they do, quantities are limited.

Reasons For the Skim Milk Shortage

After talking about my Rockford Aldi skim milk problem on the air this morning, we got these two App messages that made me realize I am not the only one feeling the frustration, (or the only one in Rockford that likes skim milk).

Kathy in Freeport said; "Freeport’s Aldi doesn’t have skim milk most of the time either! Yea it is very disappointing!!!"

and Kevin in Rockford said; "Heard your conversation about skim milk being gone. I'm guessing aldis isn't ordering enough to keep up with demand. Skim milk is the most common purchased milk at around 75% of all milk sales and milk is on shortage ive seen walmart and shnucks out of it too....."

Kevin is right, the skim milk struggle is real at most grocery stores these days. Can we get that fixed ASAP? Please?!?

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