Social media gives us everything from the palm of our hands.  If one day it didn't exist, what would we actually miss out on in Illinois?

Ever since I can remember, I've always been connected to the internet.  Whether it was to play Minesweeper, go on Myspace, or use Microsoft Paint to draw, my eyes have always been glued to a screen.

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Nowadays, scrolling mindlessly on social media is all I do.  From Facebook, to Instagram, to TikTok, and YouTube, there's always some type of entertainment/news to keep me occupied on my phone.

Imagine if social media eventually got banned across the world...

If you ask me, I'd miss seeing all the photos from family and friends who I don't get to see often.  I'm not a big texter or caller, so not being able to see bits and pieces of their lives while thousands of miles away would bum me out.


5 Things We’d Miss In Illinois If Social Media Didn’t Exist

#1: Wild things happening around town

Like the guy in the Edgewater neighborhood who lost his pet ball python - word wouldn't spread as fast if we didn't have access to Facebook groups!

#2: Being in the loop with birthdays/events

Let's be real, it's such a luxury to get notified when it's someone's birthday or when an event in town is happening!  Saves me from jotting it down in my phone lol.

#3: New businesses opening or closing their doors

This year in Illinois, so many new shops have opened and closed.  I wouldn't have known about any of them without the digital grand opening and store closing announcements.

#4: Everyone else's drama/tea

There are some crazy videos of people doing weird sh*t in Illinois. I see it all over YouTube and Facebook, so I'd totally miss the videos and posts of other peoples' tea.

#5: Finding the best foodie hotspots in Illinois

From deep dish pizza, to Chicago dogs, to bubble tea, and delicious gelato, there are so many hidden gems to try.  We wouldn't know about all of them without the power of online reviews and recommendations!

What would you miss the most if social media went away forever?

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