It's not every day a celebrity is hangin' around your hometown at your favorite bar.  Well, it happened in Rockford over the weekend!

Kids these days will never know the feeling of waking up at 2:00am with the theme song from the George Lopez Show blaring on the television.  I remember it, though.

'Low Rider' by War brought back so many memories when I heard it playing inside CJ's Public House as I was standing face to face with George Lopez over the weekend.

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How I Randomly Met George Lopez At My Favorite Rockford Bar

Around 11:00pm at Saturday, September 16th, I get a text from my neighbor saying George Lopez was at CJ's.  I realized George had just finished his comedy show at the Coronado!

So, me being me, I rushed over to the bar hoping he'd still be there.


Well, not only was he there... I got a photo with him!

I wasn't the only person who got a picture with him, but it still felt weird because he's just a regular person like the rest of us.

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I've had my fair share of meeting celebrities, but this one was the most random encounter.  So, while I still process it, here are my photos with the man I watched every day on my TV growing up: George Lopez.

attachment-george lopez

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Here are other celebrities I've already met before the age of 26.  Most of these encounters I got lucky with, but others I was attending red carpet events or Meet & Greets.

If you or your friends also met him over the weekend, share your photos with me!  I love seeing celebrity encounters, especially if it happens right here in Rockford.

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