Not only does Illinois love this potato chip, nearly 25% of America agrees it's the absolute best chip out there.

What a perfect day to crave some potato chips, after all it's National Potato Chip Day!

One of my favorite chips is Baked Lay's.  More specifically, I love eating them ONLY from Subway.  Not totally sure why, but it hits different!

I was really surprised to learn that there are over 200 varieties of Lay's chips in the world and I've probably only had a handful of flavors.

What also surprised me was Illinois' favorite potato chip WASN'T Lay's...

Is This Really Illinois' Favorite Type Of Chip? It's So Basic!

According to Tasteofhome, they found that Pringles is Illinois' FAVORITE potato chip.

Say WHAT?  That's possibly the most basic option you can choose from!!!


I feel like every flavor of Pringles tastes the same, but different... you just know you're eating Pringles but sometimes don't know which flavor you're actually eating.

You know what I mean?

Wisconsin also has a favorite potato chip - SunChips!

Remember when SunChips were packaged in a bag so loud that you couldn't even hear an airplane pass above you?  It was eco-friendly, but so freakin' damaging to your eardrums.

Only 4 out of all 50 states chose SunChips as their favorite.  I wonder why...

I do love SunChips, though.  Maybe it's because I've gotten older, but they're tastier than I remember them to be!

Rlated: It’s Alarming How Many People Double Dip Chips

If you want to see what the rest of the country chose as the most popular potato chips in America, check it out here.

All I'm saying is if Pringles is Illinois' favorite, then I've kinda lost hope in what we deem delectable in the Prairie State.

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