Life is too short.  Screw the entrée, eat dessert first! Pumpkin spice and everything nice is back at JoJo's ShakeBar in Chicago!

After scrolling past a thousand Facebook advertisements this week, one ad finally reeled me in.  Of course, it was about food - more specifically, desserts.  If you thought a picture of dessert couldn't make your taste buds flare up, you thought wrong.


Months ago, I wrote about JoJo's ShakeBar's brand new location in Naperville, Illinois and eight months later they are back on my radar with their fall creations!

"We've Got Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice - Including Gourmet Caramel Apples, Pumpkin & Apple Pies, Spiked Ciders and Biggie Hot Chocolates & of course, the Famous Pumpkin Patch Shake" - JoJo's


Fall In Love at JoJo’s Pumpkin Patch in Naperville & River North

They don't serve just ordinary shakes, they are pure MASTERPIECES.  There's literally any entire slice of pumpkin pie sitting on this shake below...


Not only can you go for the over-the-top shakes, but the Instagram-worthy photos you can snap are undeniably, totally worth it!

JoJo's Pumpkin Patch is waiting for you and your besties through November 6th!

One of their newest creations will have you screamin' for more after you take a bite into this cup full of deliciousness - The Cookies N' Scream!

Oreo vanilla shake with cotton candy, a chocolate skull, and a witch donut hole? YUM!

"JoJo’s ShakeBAR is the next-generation restaurant and bar. Its’ modern, yet familiar, diner experience is grounded in nostalgia and focuses on creative desserts and elevated diner favorites."


Now I gotcha hooked, right?  If you make a stop over at JoJo's ShakeBar this weekend, take tons of photos and send them to me!  I'm trying to control my sweets intake, so I'll just live vicariously through you. Find their entire menu here!

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