As fall blows into Illinois, there's no better time of year to visit pumpkin patches than right now.

I remember as a kid I'd rake the leaves into a giant pile and then my sisters and I would jump into it afterwards.  What I'd give to be a kid again, I'd break a bone if I jumped into a pile of leaves now haha.

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Buuuuuut, I'm so excited for this time of year because not only are the leavings changing to my favorite colors... pumpkin spice lattes and hot apple ciders are back on the shelves.  Duh!

Plus,  pumpkin patches are back - one of the best fall attractions to hit up.


All The Best Pumpkin Patches You Need To Visit In Illinois

Now, this isn't the entire list.  There are six more pumpkin patches you can check out here, but these are 7 I've heard wonderful reviews about!

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Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch3902 S Duncan Rd, Champaign, IL 

Heap’s Giant Pumpkin Farm4853 US-52, Minooka, IL 

Kroll’s Fall Harvest Farm13236 W Townline Rd, Waukegan, IL

The Pumpkin Patch3178 IL Route 173, Caledonia, IL

Puckerville Farms13332 Bell Rd, Lemont, IL

Abbey Farms2855 Hart Rd, Aurora, IL

The Pumpkin Wagon12N860 US-20, Elgin, IL

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If you're also looking for apple orchards to visit this fall, click here for recommendations.

Need fall drink recommendations?  I heard a lounge in Winnebago has apple cider flights that look soooo delicious.  Anything else fall related you can read all about it here!

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