There's something so nostalgic about a drive-in movie theater. Pulling the car up to the screen, tuning your dial to the right station, grabbing popcorn, and enjoying a flick in the great outdoors.

Did you know that the first drive-in opened in Minnesota in 1948? According to Traces of Places, at one point during the 1950’s, the state was home to about 80 drive-ins. Sadly, the majority of them are closed now.

Several years ago, we stopped by a drive-in and had the absolute best time. From the mouth of an 8 year old, "that was the most epic-est thing ever!"

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I found myself reflecting on that day, super curious whether any drive-in movie theaters are still operating in Minnesota. As it happens, there are actually several scattered across the state.

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Drive-ins often offer a unique perk: the chance to catch multiple movies in one go, provided you can stay awake lol... The first movie usually starts as night falls, around 9pm during the summer months. From my experience, they kick off with a film suitable for the whole family and wrap up with one aimed at the grown-ups.

Minnesota's Last Standing Drive-in Movie Theaters

Looking to be transported back in time and enjoy a film outside at a drive-in theater? There are 5 drive-ins still open in Minnesota.

Gallery Credit: Samm Adams

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