Look out Wisconsin, there's a new football team coming to town! But don't worry, the Packers aren't going anywhere.

The new team was announced just a few days ago. The big bummer is that they beat out Rochester for getting this new football team, so I'm sad about that. However, the team won't be too far of a drive from southeast Minnesota.

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What is Arena Football?

The team announced for Wisconsin is a new arena football team.

Before we go any further, what in the world is arena football? Is it any different than regular football?

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According to the arena football Wikipedia page, arena football is played with 8 players from each team on the field. For comparison, traditional American football is played with 11 players from each team.

Arena football is always played indoors in an arena and the field is half the size of an American football field, at 50 yards, which results "in a faster and higher-scoring game".

The Arena Football League first began in 1986. After troubles and the league disbanding, arena football is back for 2024!

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New Arena Football Teams

With the league coming back this year, there are four teams kicking off the new season: the Ozarks Lunkers, the Duluth Harbor Monsters, the Iowa Woo, and the Kansas City Goats.

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That's just for 2024. In 2025, they plan to expand to two more teams. One of those will be a team out of Hot Springs, Arkansas. The other...

Wisconsin's New Football Team

The other arena football team being added in 2025 will be out of Eau Claire! The official announcement was made the other day.

WEAU reports that based on a poll the league put out earlier this year to gauge interest in a few different towns and also the league's thoughts on the area as a whole, Eau Claire was chosen.

Tickets are already on sale for just $15 per game or $115 for a season ticket. But they don't even have a team name yet!

They're looking for input on what the new Eau Claire football team should be called, so if you have any ideas you can submit them on the Arena League's website.

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