Indiana's most embarrassing Thanksgiving Google searches are both hilarious and concerning.

A website called analyzed Google searches in each state last Thanksgiving.  Some of the common Google searches are no surprise. For example: "When is Thanksgiving," "Thanksgiving Desert," and "Happy Thanksgiving meme."  But it's the commonly used Google searches that would be considered embarrassing for each state that has me concerned about the Hoosier state.  According to Zippia, the most Google/Embarrassing search in Indiana was,

How To Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger.

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Indiana, are you OK?  I'm concerned about your digestive system as well as your lack of a plunger.  Even Ohio had a respectable result, "Ohio State Michigan Memes."  OK, Michigan was a tad bit alarming, "How To Treat Food Poisoning."

There were a few other concerning findings in Zippio's Google search study.  Below are a handful of states I'm worried about for this Thanksgiving.

Alaska and Idaho had a ton of Google searches on Thanksgiving about Divorce and Divorce Lawyers.

Wisconsin's most coming embarrassing Google search was "What Does It Mean If Your Poop Is Green."

Californians were Googling "Racist Grandma" while Louisiana residents were Googling "Racist Family."

A handful of states were Googling to see if McDonald's, Applebees, and Little Ceasars were open.  While states like Pennsylvania commonly searched "How To Win an Argument."  Sounds like the Holidays went great last year.

Raise your glass of eggnog and let's toast to a better Thanksgiving in 2023.

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