There seems to be at least one constant in society these days. There's always someone who is wanted by law enforcement. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections has 10 individuals who remain on the run and at large and some may be hiding somewhere in Illinois.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, these 10 individuals remain wanted and on the run. Please note that if you see any of these individuals, do not approach them. Contact your local Wisconsin or Illinois law enforcement agency or if it's an emergency situation, call 911 immediately.

Wisconsin's Most Wanted Fugitives on the Run from the Law

Gallery Credit: Wisconsin Department of Corrections

It's also important to note that you can contact the Wisconsin Department of Corrections if you have any information that might be helpful in the apprehension of these individuals. A small detail that might seem insignificant to you could be the vital clue that authorities need to safely bring these fugitives into custody.

The desire is not that any of these people are harmed, but that they are brought to justice. Any help you can provide without putting yourself in danger is very much appreciated.

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