Every county in the Land of Lincoln will see a part of the $41 billion that the leaders of Illinois have dedicated to what they call a "Transportation Upgrade." So what exactly is this upgrade?

According to an article from The Center Square, Illinois is committing a whopping $41 Billion to what they are calling a Transportation Upgrade, all of the 102 counties in Illinois will be impacted with this upgrade money.

So how does it all break down? In the article, they say "$29.65 billion in state roads and bridges... A total of $11.77 billion is programmed for other modes, which includes $7.5 billion for transit, $2.54 billion for freight and passenger rail, $1.57 billion for aviation, and $160 million for ports and waterways." The article goes on to mention that part of the highway money will go to fixing and building 3,200 miles of roads and 8.8 million square feet of bridge deck, to read more on this Transportation Upgrade, click here! 

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Move Over or Get Pulled Over...

I was hoping this article would give us the information that the $41 billion is going to a high-speed rail system that will get you from Quincy to St. Louis and back in less than an hour....but alas. I will never complain about our tax money actually going to the things it is supposed to go to like keeping our infrastructure safe, effective, and new. BUT... this means we are in for A LOT of construction... Get ready to add extra time to your road trips across the Land of Lincoln over the next couple of years, and more importantly, make sure you are going slow through the work zones. You definitely don't want to pay those extra fines and we want to keep our construction workers safe. What projects do you think they will spend the money on in your county? I certainly can think of some repairs needed to some bridges here in Adams County...

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