Please don't judge me, but my mother collected dolls when I was a kid. There were literally thousands in my room. What I didn't know is there may be others in Illinois that have rare versions of a Barbie that is worth thousands of dollars.

I didn't wake up today on a quest to find rare Barbie dolls. It just kind of happened. Blame it on Reader's Digest who made mention of the fact that someone in Illinois might have rare Barbies that could be worth thousands of dollars and they don't even know it.

That resulted in some searching on YouTube which more or less agreed with Reader's Digest's claim that the original Barbie is among the rarest worth an estimated $27,000.

There are some other Barbies you might find in your closet that could be a nice money maker including:

Marie Antoinette Barbie - going for more than $2,500 on Ebay right now

Brunette Ponytail Barbie - worth more than $5,000 grand if you have the 1959 original

Stefano Canturi Barbie - sold at auction for more than $300,000

Little did I know that what my mother had on her walls that haunted my every thought was really a gold mine of plastic and sometimes porcelain. The fact that the Barbie in your Illinois attic right now might be worth thousands is all thanks to last year's very popular Barbie movie.

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