Even though I've traveled in and around the Kansas City, Missouri area many times in my life, I had no idea there was countryside like this within the city. The most expensive property currently available in Kansas City is located on what looks like something you'd find in the Italy or France.

Out of curiosity, I asked Realtor.com to show me the most expensive properties in just Kansas City, Missouri. At the top of the list is 14400 Prospect Avenue also known as Rosewood Farms. It's beyond gorgeous.

See Inside Rosewood Farms, Most Expensive Home in Kansas City, MO

Gallery Credit: Allen Treadwell with Hayden Outdoors Real Estate, Realtor.com

There's an even better video walkthrough of Rosewood Farms including words from the current owner about what it's like to live in this dreamy Kansas City, Missouri place.

As of this writing, the asking price of $11 million dollars according to Realtor.com makes this the most expensive property available in Kansas City, Missouri. That's more crooked numbers and zeroes than I have in my bank account, but I have no doubt it's worth every single penny if you have the means.

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