Call this a character flaw (I have many), but I don't appreciate being told what to do. That's why I won't do that here, but I will offer some thoughts on items you probably would be wise to avoid buying from a Missouri Dollar Store.

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Many of these items may work out find for some people that shop at Missouri dollar store places be they "trees or generals". For me, they led to a bad experience and I'm not alone in my feelings. Reader's Digest and USA Today warned against many of these cheap items, too.

Items You Probably Shouldn't Buy From a Missouri Dollar Store

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If you think I'm being paranoid, seriously check out the long list of product recalls at just one of the Missouri dollar store websites. I love that these budget stores are around and my family shops at them frequently to save money. But, it's best to use caution for things you either put in expensive things or your body or just potentially gross you out.

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