If you really cherish history, there's now an artifact in Illinois that you should make a point to see sometime. It's a 3,000 year old sword from the Bronze Age and it's remarkably located in Illinois.

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I first saw the Belleville News-Democrat share the story of what the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois has on display. They reported that the museum thought it was nothing more than a nice replica for decades, but they have now confirmed it's the real deal from the Bronze Age. A sword dating back to the first kings of Europe in Hungary.

The key to scientific verification was x-rays. CBS News in Chicago reported that it took only about 30 seconds for experts to determine that this was no replica. It was a sword that dates back thousands of years.

This will be viewable by you starting March 31 as the Field Museum will feature a display called "The First Kings of Europe".

It's not often that you can see an artifact from this era. The fact that it's only a road trip away in Chicago, Illinois will now make that possible beginning at the end of March.

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