Jake Owen is back with new music, debuting the free-wheeling and fun love song, "My Boots Miss Yours," on Friday, Jan. 27.

The song was written by Blake Bollinger, Brad Clawson and Brett Sheroky, and it finds Owen telling a sweet love story — from the perspective of his Lucchese cowboy boots.

Owen begins by singing about a passionate night with a potential new love, but when he wakes up in the morning, he finds his boots "looking so sad." This, of course, is the perfect excuse to call his new love interest and suggest it's time for their boots to get back together.

The chorus features clever lyrics about Owen's boots are missing those of his new love, as he sings, "My boots miss yours / From the heel down to the toe / It's like they got a hole down in their soles / Never felt like this before."

He continues his campaign to share another night with his love interest: "My boots miss yours / What ya say we get 'em back together / Make a little trail of clothes and leather / Let 'em hang out on the bedroom floor / My boots miss yours." 

Naturally, a song about boots is not complete without Western-influenced country instrumentation fit for a line dancing bar, and "My Boots Miss Yours" fits the bill with strong guitar, twang and light percussion.

Joey Moi serves as producer on the track.

“It's a new year, so it's only appropriate that we put out some new music to go with it,” Owen says of the new song. “I've loved this song from the moment I heard it; excited to finally share it with you today.”

"My Boots Miss Yours" follows Owen's previous single, "Up There Down Here," released in September 2022. The new song is the first of a new batch of music to come.

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