Changes are coming to many of your local Walmart stores that they hope will "improve customer experience and sales," according to a story in The Sun.

Walmart's Store of the Future Will Have Updated Layout

Over 1,000 locations already have the updates that include "bedroom and bathroom displays of Walmart products, similar to what you would see in Ikea," according to The Sun.

QR codes will be more prevalent with the new store layout which will allow customers to learn more information about the products.

Some Big Changes Illinois and Wisconsin Walmart Could Have Soon

In the Sun article, increased security measures are one of the most noticeable changes with the new Walmart store layouts.

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Here are 5 other changes that may affect Walmart shoppers in the near future:

1. There will be new Health Centers in Walmart that will reportedly have dental, medical, psychiatric, and behavioral care services.

2. Walmart will also be expanding the Beauty Section "with 50 new products," according to the Sun.

3. Customers can get deliveries in 30 minutes or less with Drone Delivery which is "available in 36 stores across seven states."

4. Text to Shop will make it even easier to order groceries through the Walmart app, and you'll also be able to "text reorder to review and add frequently purchased items."

5. It has not arrived in Illinois or Wisconsin yet, but a New Bag Policy has already been implemented at over 100 Walmart stores that have gotten rid of plastic single-use grocery bags. Shoppers at Walmart stores in 10 U.S. States will need to "bring their own bags, or use a paper bag - which can cost a small fee in some places," according to the Sun.

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