It's moving day for "Honest Abe" in Chicago.

The next place to see him will be in Peoria.

For the last year a statue of Abraham Lincoln stood proudly downtown Chicago near the Tribune Tower.

According to NBC Chicago, today he's being taken down and transported to Peoria.

Where he will stand proudly at the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

The moving of the statue is all part of Illinois' bicentennial celebration this coming February.

As our state prepares to turns 200 years old, it was fitting to move the statue of Abraham Lincoln reading the Gettysburg Address to Peoria. The President gave that all important and historical speech there.

In addition to the state's big birthday celebration, this sculpture "will also help anchor an exhibit at the museum launching on the state's 200th birthday in February. The exhibit will feature displays on 200 Illinois citizens."


For details and directions to the Peoria Riverfront Museum click here.



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