Illinois is full of museums that are spread around the entire state, not just in Chicago. Some museums are pricey and large in size, while others are free and are small as a 10x10 room.  If you're looking for weird there is a free museum in Illinois that will make you ask yourself "why" more than once. If you take the entire family to DeMoulin Museum in Greenville, Illinois, you might have to answer some questions asked by little kids.

The museum is the DeMoulin Museum just east of St. Louis and is worth seeing for yourself. After watching a quick video on why this museum exists I'm still confused. They used to make military uniforms and uniforms for high school and college bands. They also made odd hazing devices for clubs like lodges and such. They still make band uniforms but also display those odd hazing machines.

Here's where it gets weird at this particular museum.

How about this 'lifting and spraying machine', wait until you read what it was used for.

The lifting and spraying machine was some sort of initiation device where men would step into holsters to keep the box on the floor. The man would squeeze the grips as hard as possible. When the pull reaches 50 lbs the machine shoots a blank bullet. If the man released the grips he would be sprayed in the face with water, according to the device instructions.

Look at this Fuzzy Wonder Goat. Yes, someone rides, and someone pushes.

If you're wondering what this is you're not alone. It looks like a mutated rocking horse. Thankfully is able to explain.

The victim would mount the goat while the officials would push from behind. The wheel at the top of the post worked in a very similar way, only the victim would be tied in and rotated upside down!

This next display gives me an eerie feeling.

It's called the Low-Down Buck. I'm not sure what this is for nor do I want to know.

Ever Seen A Flash Torch?

Two words: flash torch. Fire comes out of this... for some sort of hazing?

As if things were not already cringey, the museum apparently celebrates Easter. Of course, in keeping up with the theme of weirdness, they use a creepy Easter bunny with the Fuzzy Goat.

You can also experience some hands-on displays. There are even spanking interactions but, why not? Nothing makes you want to take a trip to a museum like knowing there might be a good paddling waiting


There are other items that make no sense, too but have to do with hazing. Don't forget to check out the trick bottom chair, the guillotine, the electric stretcher, or the "coffin stunt". DeMoulin Museum is located near St. Louis.


[H/T OneWeirdGlobe]

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