We've all heard the saying "Oh ____ it's Good enough to Eat". How about wearing a corsage that really is good enough to Eat? What?For a limited time KFC is offering a "Chicken Corsage" for ladies to wear for the upcoming prom and wedding season.

Well I gotta hand it to them, it is unique and would be very memorable at that. However, you wouldn't catch me wearing on of these things.

Smelling like chicken isn't a scent I'd want to be remembered for. It takes me back to my days, fresh out of high school, working part-time for a local family restaurant in Rochelle (The Country School) that was known for their fried chicken. No matter what I did  I could never avoid smelling like fried chicken after working a shift there.

Wearing a corsage made of chicken is out of the question for me.

Would you?




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