The award-winning frozen spectacle is returning to Wisconsin in January. The slide, the maze, the tunnel and more, all filled with magical color and light.

If you've never been delighted by Ice Castles before you have to make plans to visit this stunning, one-of-a-kind attraction.

Ice Castles

Only six cities across the U.S. were chosen for 2022

Ice Castles Return to Lake Geneva

Ice Castles

The Ice Castle experience being created in each of these four cities is a show all by itself. Over several days, hundreds of thousands of icicles get hand-placed by professional ice artists. Building something this jaw-dropping entirely out of ice like,

Huge sculptures

Ice Castles

Giant frozen thrones

Fun ice-carved tunnels

Ice Castles


Ice Castles
Ice Castles


Then, everything you just saw above, is filled with tons of color by an intricate LED lighting system.

Ice Castles
Mary Sivertsen/Ice Castles
Bryan Rowland/Ice Castles

At present, the only information being released is that Ice Castles will be returning in 2022 to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin during the month of January.

It's hard to narrow those dates down until it gets closer to January as this attraction is very weather dependent, and may be temporarily closed or unavailable due to weather.

Bookmark the Ice Castles website to get the latest information. You can also see more unbelievable photos on Facebook and Instagram.

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