This hot sauce is everywhere, like for real. It's so popular, McDonald's is considering adding it to one of their most popular sandwiches nationwide.

If you're headed to Columbus, Ohio anytime in the next few days you can try the new Sriracha Big Mac at all 120 plus McDonald's locations in the area.

What about the rest of the nation and the world for that matter? Well it appears they are going to stick with Columbus for now, but based on the popularity of Sriracha itself tells me it will eventually make it's way to Rockford.

Is A Spicy New Big Mac Headed To Rockford McDonald's?

If you've wondered how McDonald's is going to fit Sriracha into the sandwich, it's a pretty simple process. They are planning on taking out the Big Mac Special Sauce and replacing it with Sriracha.

Fox News says "The sauce—which replaces the burger's traditional mild “special sauce”—will also be available as a side dipping sauce for McNuggets and french fries."

Will you try the Sriracha Big Mac if it comes to Rockford?

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