Fast food is just as fun to talk about as it is to eat. There are an abundant amount of the same restaurants around here which makes it even more exciting when a chain is making a debut in the Rockford area.

While living in Springfield, Missouri for a few years the fast-food gods blessed me with a few new options that weren't available up here. This past year I learned one of my favs actually had a location in Elgin.


Andy's does not have a dine-in option only a drive-thru and a walk-up window, which adds to their uniqueness. And, that custard, it's to die for. But, no, they're not opening a Rockford-area location, not yet at least.


Well, in 2019 we learned of a new fast-food joint coming to the 173 corridor somewhere between Perryville Road and 251. This underrated restaurant is Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers.

Their mouthwatering steakburgers and delicious frozen custard will change the fast-food game in the Rockford area, or in this case, Machesney Park.

While researching when to expect the mecca of all off fast food joints (in my opinion) to open on Route 173, I was left confused.

One news source reported the location would be at 9901 Orlando Avenue, but it's actually Orlando Street, in front of Lowe's in Machesney Park.

Construction was set to being May 1, 2020, with an opening date of "no later than" January 1, 2021.

Like everything else in 2020, the pandemic through a wrench in plans, forcing city officials to approve a date change.

Now, Ordinance 18-20 states the purchaser shall complete construction of the restaurant and be open by July 1, 2021.

Will Freddy's ever open in Machesney Park or in the Rockford area? I sure hope so.

[h/t RVP News]

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