Ironically poetic just is coming to iPhone users as Apple is set to shell out a whopping $500 million to settle a lawsuit that accused the company of slowing down its older iPhone models.

Apple is finally paying up for putting the brakes on its own devices. It's like a traffic cop getting a ticket for jaywalking.


The lawsuit, which could be seen as a modern-day David vs. Goliath (if David were a bunch of annoyed iPhone users and Goliath were a trillion-dollar tech titan), called out Apple for intentionally releasing software updates that slowed down older iPhones.

To nobody's surprise, Apple insisted there was a solid reason, which was to preserve battery life and prevent unexpected shutdowns, users saw it as a classic case of planned obsolescence.

Naturally, users were ticked at Apple for making their iPhones as zippy as a sloth on sedatives.

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Apple's latest legal dilemma is like if a pizza place had to compensate customers for delivering cold pizza because they were trying to preserve the authentic Italian experience.

As part of the settlement, some affected iPhone users might soon find themselves with a bit of extra cash, a whopping $65.


Those who signed up for the civil lawsuit, before the October 2020 deadline, should consider the award a consolation prize for enduring those moments of frustrated screen-tapping and waiting for apps to load at a speed that rivals continental drift.

In the grand scheme of things, this lawsuit serves as a reminder that even the slickest of tech companies aren't immune to the law's long arm.

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