Western Illinois University's interim President penned a note we all need to read.

How, as adults, are we still needing to be reminded to be nice to one another. This goes beyond social media which just adds more accessibility to display hate, intolerance, and ignorance. In short, it's pathetic and time for American's to grow up and stop acting uncaring and immature. If you're rolling your eyes at this you are likely part of the problem. Our society, in the land of the free, the land of opportunity, the melting pot of the world, is a joke. Thankfully, there are people in high positions that are standing up and saying, "Hey, remember your fellow human? Be nice to them." Someone somewhere needs to read this note, which began with a college president acknowledging the different reactions to Joe Biden likely becoming the 46th President of the United States.

Ok, so that was a paraphrase of a message you're about to read. But, it is part of the message. We, as Americans, should be proud of the United States, a country where so many selfless men and women fought, fight, or gave their lives to defend. We should be proud of cultures, ethnicities, the general freedoms of the U.S. but, instead, it appears the opposite. Only so much of our country's problems can be blamed on the media. At some point, we have to own up to the divide and hate in our country.

Personally, one of my favorite things is talking with people who have a different opinion. I want to learn their view, I want to learn how they got to that view, and unless it is something fueled by hate I am not going to look down on them for thinking differently than I do. Please understand this does not mean I will necessarily change how I feel about certain subjects. Being able to have respectful conversations instead of disrespectful confrontations is why I love talking with people.

Regardless, here's remind that it is okay to have different ideas, believes, and views. Western Illinois University shared a message from their interim President, Martin Abraham.

Be mindful of the feelings of others, support those with whom you share feelings, and understand those with different feelings. Regardless of your political beliefs, it is now time for us to come together to find a path towards a future in which we can respect those with whom we disagree.

You can read his full statement HERE. But as we move forward in 2020 and beyond, let us all take a moment to remember we are all different. We all have a back story. Somebody may be going through a really hard time in their life. Someone may have a view different than yours. You will encounter people of different sex, religion, political view, sexual orientation, or whatever. Just remember to be nice. Remember in elementary school when you didn't judge others and were just wanting to be friends? Be that person now.

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