When everyone started talking about this new online game called 'Wordle' I swore I was going to try it, then I did, and now my day gets completely ruined when I realize I forgot to play the day before and blew my streak straight to Hell.

Simply put, Wordle is addictive.

I may not be able to go to bed without solving that day's 5 letter word, but the one thing I haven't done yet is share my score for the whole world to see, but after reading what happened to an 80-year-old woman named Denyse Holt in Lincolnwood, Illinois last weekend, I think I should start doing exactly that.

How Wordle Saved an Illinois Woman's Life

According to NBC Chicago;

After an 80-year-old woman from Lincolnwood didn't send her daily Wordle score to family, those close to her notified police, who found the woman held captive by an armed intruder inside her home, according to authorities.

Scary stuff, right? Wait it gets worse.

NBC Chicago also reports that it wasn't just the missing Wordle score that made Holt's family start worrying, she wasn't responding to texts or calls either. When police arrived to perform a wellness check they discovered, "a broken window on the first floor of the single-family home with blood on the scene".

Here's the part where the story gets even stranger.

Denyse Holt told police she awoke last Sunday morning to 32-year-old James Davis of Chicago standing over her with scissors demanding she help him, oh, and the real kicker is, he was completely naked.

Davis then shut off/disconnected all of Holt's phones and locked her in the basement until police arrived 17 hours later, and following a brief standoff, arrested Davis on several different charges. Denyse Holt was left, thankfully, physically unharmed from the terrible ordeal she went through, and I'm willing to be she will continue to share her Wordle score every day going forward.

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