Let me start by saying I am in total awe of this week's Hometown Hero, Cherish Adams of Rockford. Not only has she overcome some tough odds in life, but she is the perfect example of just how amazing and determined a mother's love is for her child.

Provided Photo
Provided Photo

When I read the Hometown Hero nomination letter sent to us by her best friend, Patricia Hendel of Freeport, I was like dang, this woman is a true success story!

Here is what Patricia had to say about Cherish;

Cherish and I grew up as best friends in the "hood" of Rockford. She was raised by her grandparents. When cherish got older she gave birth to her oldest son on her own in her room. She then walked to the hospital with her baby to make sure they was both safe. I am nominating her as a Hometown hero now because not only did she give birth by herself but she is the proud owner of Sono view pregnancy center. She has saved 40 babies lives since the time she has opened in less than 6 months. To me she is the true meaning of a hero. She is definitely a god send.

Mothers, seriously think about it, could you have birthed your own babies and then WALKED to the hospital right after it?!? I know I sure couldn't have done it!

For that reason, and for every single one of the babies her business Sono View Prenatal Imaging has saved, we would like to give Cherish a $100 Amazon gift card thanks to our friends at Gustafson's Furniture & Mattress. Cherish, we hope you use it to buy something that makes YOU smile today.

Do you know something amazing like Cherish Adams that you think deserves special acknowledgment and appreciation? Click here and nominate them as next week's Hometown Hero now!
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