In the long run, it might be a great idea to get boosted, but in the short run, you could feel kind of terrible.

COVID has definitely come back hard this winter season. Prior to Thanksgiving I hadn't heard many people testing positive for COVID, but that is the complete opposite statement for what's happening right now.

Name a letter of the alphabet and I'll tell you someone who has COVID.

Thankfully most of the people I know who are ill are doing just fine and have been vaccinated, which has hopefully lessened the effects of the illness.

This re-surge led me to get my booster shot and flu shot a little earlier than I planned.

I thought I'd wait until the New Year, but realized with everyone dropping around me, the soon the better.

You might recall... I had the original strain of COVID... ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO... in March of 2020. I did not have a mild case. It seemed mild at the time because I didn't end up in the hospital, but it was pretty intense.

And my reaction to the first and second vaccines I got were also pretty intense.

So... I was not surprised at all when I plummeted after the booster/flu shot combo.

I got the shot at 4:30pm on Wednesday afternoon and at 10am Thursday, I was freezing for an hour. Coats and gloves at my desk, I was so cold. At about 11:30am, I started sweating through my clothes and my breathing rate was elevated.

I was tired the rest of the day and I thought that was over.

Then at 10pm, I was colder than I ever have been in my life. My teeth were unstoppably chattering and my bones were shaking. I set my heat to 74 in my apartment, loaded on the blankets and tried to sleep it off.

No shocker here... at 1:40am I work up SOAKED in sweat.

Here's the kicker. I wear a WHOOP fitness watch and it actually alerted me to my elevated respiratory rate, citing I could be ill or that something might be wrong with me. Which was pretty interesting. I'd never seen that alert before.


Thankfully I'm back to normal and feeling glad I chose to get boosted when I did.


It was not my favorite 48ish hours ever, but it sure beats feeling like I did when I first had COVID and hopefully lessening the chances I could get and give it to someone else.

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