There's a rivalry between Illinois and Wisconsin going back decades, maybe even a century, who knows. This begs the question, why?! It is because we're neighbors? This has to go beyond sports.

If someone were to ask you which state Illinois hates the most your first guess might be Wisconsin, which makes sense. However, you would be wrong.

New Study Suggests Wisconsin Isn't Illinois' Least Favorite State
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One might think Illinois hates Wisconsin as a whole but it turns out that might not be the case. There's a different neighboring state Illinois dislikes more.

If you were to ask anyone in the midwest which state Illinois, as a whole, dislikes out of the 50, it would have to be Wisconsin. A valid reason is based on the rivalry between Chicago and Green Bay, other than that... who can dislike a state that sells good beer, good cheese, and fireworks? But, no, we apparently dislike another neighbor a little more. A reason for it not being IL's most hated state has two do with two things, fireworks and Wisconsin is where we all go for the weekend... "up north."


This "study" was done on Instagram by a guy with 320,000+ followers. The account holder, Matt Shirley, tries to post a different chart every day of the year. For this one, he asked his followers to name their state's least favorite state. Illinois' choice might be due to ridiculous tollway prices or the two different time zones within the state. Yes, the Hoosier State (Indiana) was voted as Illinois' most disliked state.

Only one of the 50 played nice and loves the other 49, well played, Hawaii. Here's how the other 48 responded.

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